Lisa, Lindsey and Bailey the cat look forward to greeting you at their home located right on Mount Revelstoke. 


Lisa is a keen snowboarder from the UK. She was a police officer in Brighton and for years she dreamed of moving to Canada. The mountains were calling! She made it to Calgary in 2014 and worked at Calgary Zoo which was perfect for her. She loves all creatures great and small and has been a vegetarian since 1996. Even though spiders scare her, they must not be harmed during the occasional eviction! She recently saw her first bear in the wild, the first of many to come. Stoke Stash B&B is a dream come true. Every morning she wakes up and can’t believe she lives in such a beautiful place. Surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes; it is an amazing place for cycling and stand up paddleboarding. There is also a local roller derby team in Revelstoke, The Derailers. She is excited to be part of a new league, after her love for roller derby started in England with the Brighton Rockers and continued in Canada with the Calgary Roller Derby Association. Things are awesome right now and she is living the dream! 


Lindsey immigrated to Calgary, Canada in 2002, seeking a better life away from London’s crowded tubes and buses. After a 4 year stint back in the UK she returned to Calgary in 2014 with Lisa and Bailey. She is a certified snowboard instructor (Level 1 CASI) who occasionally puts on skis too for downhill and loves to be dragged over snow or water by giant kites whilst snowkiting or kiteboarding. Opposites attract they say. Whereas Lisa’s a veggie, she’s a bit of a carnivore!  She will be the one at the BBQ. She is also into roller derby and was a ref when she met Lisa, so you’ll often hear Lisa calling her Scoot’er!  It’s her derby name and she can’t quite get out of that habit. Scoot’er is excited about the new garden and veggie beds. She has aspirations of growing all kinds of fruit and veg, some of which may make an appearance in the breakfast menu! Oh and she likes cake … a lot!


Bailey is a little grey bear, well actually he’s a cat. His cheeks are so fluffy and cute that we think he resembles a bear. He often gets called Bear or Monkey. We may have given him a bit of a personality complex! He’s pretty chilled and loves to look out at the mountain views, snug up on his cat tower and sleep. He generally eats and sleeps and eats and sleeps. He mainly stays in our area at the bottom of the house. Occasionally he will come for a visit in the main living area to check out what people are up to and then will head back to his haven. He is not allowed in guest bedrooms and if anyone has allergies he can be kept in our living quarters. We don’t let him outside as we are not sure he has enough ninja fighting skills to deal with the wildlife in Canada. He’s a British Blue cat you see… not quite tough and hardy like a Canadian cat!  


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